Tax Service Company

ELKLAND, PA  16920

This page is for the benefit of TAX SERVICE COMPANIES who wish to prepare electronic files for submission to the Northern Tioga School District for the payment of Real Estate Taxes.

Below you will find links to important documents for the processing and payment of Real Estate taxes to the Northern Tioga School District.

PLEASE NOTE:  Where applicable, tax amounts listed are net of homestead/farmstead exclusions, no further calculations are necessary. 

The information on this page and linked hereto is intended for the sole purpose of the payment of Real Estate Taxes.  This information may not be used to generate mailing lists or otherwise.  Individuals or organizations using this information for any reason other than its intended purpose will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

2018 Brookfield Township

2018 Chatham Township

2018 Clymer Township

2018 Deerfield Township

2018 Elkland Borough

2018 Farmington Township

2018 Jackson Township

2018 Knoxville Borough

2018 Lawrence Township

2018 Lawrenceville Borough

2018 Nelson Township

2018 Osceola Township

2018 Tioga Boro

2018 Tioga Township

2018 Westfield Borough

2018 Westfield Township

Submission files should be sent to BOTH:  AND
Payments should sent to:
Northern Tioga School District
Attn: RE Taxes
110 Ellison Road
Elkland, PA  16920

Payment Periods


Two percent discount period July 1 to August 31
Face payment period September 1 to October 31
Ten percent penalty period November 1 to December 31
Taxes remitted to Tax Claim Bureau January 1