Northern Tioga Academy

NTSD partners with VLN

Northern Tioga School District is pleased to announce that we are now partnering with Virtual Learning Online Network to offer an online, cyber-school option.  We are very excited for the upcoming school year and would like to note some of the advantages Northern Tioga Academy has to offer.

·         Rigorous curriculum culminating in a Northern Tioga School District diploma upon graduation.

·         Ongoing monitoring of student progress.

·         Variety of curriculum offerings to accommodate all learners with engaging instructional resources.

·         Daily, synchronous homeroom session in the virtual classroom.

·         Participation in state assessments are provided in the district.

Students in Northern Tioga Academy are part of the Northern Tioga School District and have the opportunity to participate in the same athletics and extracurricular activities as their peers in the traditional classroom setting.  In addition, Northern Tioga Academy students have access to an on-campus drop-in center in which they can seek face-to-face guidance and/or take advantage of a quiet place to complete their online coursework.

If you would like to find out more information about Northern Tioga Academy or are interested in enrolling your child for the 2016-17 school year, feel free to contact Amy Coots.


Every Northern Tioga Academy student is provided an educational plan agreed upon between the NTSD facilitator/monitor, parent and the student.  The student is expected to complete assignments, tests, journals, exams, etc. as agreed upon in the educational plan. Supports as needed are provided to ensuring students are successful.  If a student is not progressing the monitor at NTSD will inform the student and parents/guardian to seek a solution. If a solution cannot be reach the student may not be able to continue the course at NTSD.


The Northern Tioga School District Code of Conduct is in force for the Northern Tioga Academy at NTSD.  Inappropriate use of technology and resources will result in sanctions involving the use of the district’s technology.


As a parent you can observe online course(s) your student is working on.  Contact Amy Coots if you would like to set this up. You will receive progress reports for courses purchased by NTSD from Mrs. Coots.  They are emailed unless the parent/guardian does not have an email.


Communicating with your teacher is important for success in the Northern Tioga Academy.  Use email and announcements to make sure you are completing the required coursework correctly.  If you have trouble contacting your teacher, please email Amy Coots at


Keystone National High School can be accessed at

Keystone National High School courses are accepted by NTSD.  The primary district contact for these courses is Amy Coots, Principal of Academic Affairs.


Tips for Success:

· Log in or review the course early and often.  Become familiar with the entire course.  Know where you find assignments and resources.

· Read the directions carefully, print out copies if you prefer to read a paper copy, highlight and take notes.

· Read your mail regularly for information from your teacher.

· Make a study plan and set up a comfortable and well prepared study area.

· Be aware of your peak energy periods and plan to do activities that require a high level of concentration during those times.

· Approach overwhelming responsibilities with a positive attitude and break large tasks into small achievable ones.

· Set goals and reward yourself when you’ve accomplished them.

· Keep up with your course and keep in touch with your teacher.  Communicating with your teacher as soon as there is a problem is most important!  You can’t afford to get behind!

· Schedule regular study periods.  Study for short periods of time and do it often.  Remember, you should be spending a minimum of one hour per day per course in addition to weekly scheduled office hours.

Northern Tioga Academy Contact Information:

Amy Coots, Principal of Academic Affairs – 814-258-5644 ext. 1036 or

Jared Metcalf, Teacher, 814-258-5131 ext. 3833 or