About Us

The Northern Tioga School District encompasses 336 square miles of rural, mountainous terrain.  It stretches approximately 60 miles from its eastern boundary with Bradford County to its western boundary with Potter County.  There are only three main transportation routes in the district: Route 15 (future 99 corridor) that runs north and south and Routes 49 and 328 that run east and west.  The mountainous terrain and extensive area play a large role in determining school building locations.  The district is divided into three attendance areas, each with its own elementary and two secondary schools located on the eastern and western ends of the district.  Transportation routes serve each regional complex.

Our district consists of three elementary schools: Westfield Area Elementary in Westfield, Clark Wood Elementary in Elkland and R.B. Walter Elementary in Tioga, housing grades K – 6.  Our elementary program focuses on the development of the whole child, emphasizing the building of a strong educational foundation that our students can use to build upon as they continue to grow academically

Our secondary program is housed in two high schools: Cowanesque Valley High School in Westfield and Williamson High School in Tioga, housing grades 7 – 12.   The high schools feature integrated middle schools with a school within the school concept for middle school programming for grades 7 and 8.  Our secondary program features both academic and vocational programming.

We enjoy small class sizes and our students benefit from individualized attention and differentiated instruction. At all levels our students are encouraged to participate in a multitude of activities ranging from the fine arts to athletics.

The district office for Northern Tioga School District is centrally located in the town of Elkland.  The building is shared with Clark Wood Elementary and houses the Superintendent’s Office, the Business Office, the Technology Office, the Student Services Office, the Principal of Academic Affairs Office and the Maintenance Office.  The building serves as the central meeting location for all school board meetings.


Mission Statement

The mission of NTSD is to equip all students with a foundation of critical thinking and problem solving tools essential for lifelong learning within local and global communities.


Empowering students to become productive citizens with a rural advantage.

Shared Values

In order to enhance the district’s mission statement and secure a broad base of school-community support for teaching and learning, shared values of the district are identified as a result of a consensus building process involving school board, staff, parents and community.  The shared values of the district are:


Every child has value.

Learning is life-long.

All students learn differently and have the capacity to learn when given the right conditions to accommodate individual differences.

Students, parents, and the community share the responsibility for their education and development of life-long goals.

Family responsibility and community involvement are essential to each child’s educational success.

Students benefit from and are encouraged to participate in a diverse offering of programs that enhance their educational experience.

Students learn to be creative thinkers, collaborative problem-solvers and effective decision-makers.

Our community wants children to be successful and thrives from the educational successes of its children who become productive and responsible members of society.

The students, parents, the community and the school district join forces to provide a safe, positive, drug-free and smoke-free school environment.

A performance accountability system helps promote an effective and efficient education.

The school district strives to use all financial and other resources in a responsible, efficient, and effective manner.

Fostering a climate of mutual respect promotes learning for all students.