Graduation Requirements

Minimum Graduation Requirements for Northern Tioga School District


 Area of Study Total Credits Breakdown of Credits
English 4 4 credits of English
Math 4 4 credits of Math including 1 credit of Algebra and 1 credit of Geometry
Social Studies 3 3 credits of Social Studies including 1 credit of American History and 1 credit of Government
Science 3 3 credits of Science including 1 credit of Science 9 and 1 credit of Biology
Physical Education 2
Health .5
Business Education 1 1 credit of Personal Finance
Fine/Practical Arts 1 1 credit of Band, Chorus, Music Appreciation/Theory, Art, Wood or Metal
Graduaction Project 1 1 credit *see Graduation Project Packet for Details
Electives 6.5 (5.5*) 6.5 elective credits are required
Total 26

Promotion Requirements: 6 credits to grade 10, 12 credits to grade 11 and 18 credits to grade 12

In order to complete a vocational program, students will have additional course requirements as outlined on the Vocational Assessment Sheet which is available in each high school guidance office.

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