Graduation Requirements

Minimum Graduation Requirements for Northern Tioga School District

 Area of Study Total Credits Breakdown of Credits
English 4 4 credits of English
Math 4 4 credits of Math including 1 credit of Algebra and 1 credit of Geometry
Social Studies 3 3 credits of Social Studies including 1 credit of American History and 1 credit of Government
Science 3 3 credits of Science including 1 credit of Science 9 and 1 credit of Biology
Physical Education 2
Health .5
Business Education 1 1 credit of Personal Finance
Fine/Practical Arts 1 1 credit of Band, Chorus, Music Appreciation/Theory, Art, Wood or Metal
Graduaction Project 1 1 credit *see Graduation Project Packet for Details
Electives 6.5 (5.5*) 6.5 elective credits are required
Total 26

Promotion Requirements: 6 credits to grade 10, 12 credits to grade 11 and 18 credits to grade 12

In order to complete a vocational program, students will have additional course requirements as outlined on the Vocational Assessment Sheet which is available in each high school guidance office.

New PA graduation requirements found here

Or, for more information on Act 158 and the PA graduation requirements, go to the Pennsylvania Department of Education

Act 158 Graduation Requirements

Act 158 of 2018 presented the Pathways to Graduation requirements from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  These requirements take effect with the Class of 2023.  We have provided some information regarding those requirements and pathways.  The Act 158 information guide provides detailed information regarding the requirements along with a link to PDE’s resources.  The Act 158 Overview gives a brief summary of the requirements.  The two tracking forms will be used by the school district to track the progress of individual students through high school to ensure that one of the pathway requirements are being met.

Act 158 Information Guide

Act 158 Overview

NTSD Act 158 Tracking Form-Keystone Pathways

NTSD Act 158 Tracking Form-Alternative Assessment and Evidenced Based Pathways