Comprehensive Plan

Northern Tioga School District began the comprehensive planning process in January 2013 upon the board appointment of community, parent and business committee members.  On April 9, 2013, Mrs. Diana Barnes, Superintendent of Northern Tioga School District, and Dr. Lisa Feil, School Improvement Coordinator at BLaST IU 17, held a “kick-off” meeting with 31 people in attendance.  The committee discussed the Comprehensive  Planning process, reviewed the eStrategic mission, vision, and shared values.   The former mission, vision, and belief statements served as a spring board for brainstorming new mission, vision and belief statements.  Subcommittees for the curriculum and special education planning were formed and groups agreed to hold discussions online. Meeting notices  and correspondence will be communicated through the Superintendent’s Office.  The plan will be placed on the November 11, 2013 board meeting agenda for final approval before sending the comprehensive plan to PDE for approval.

NTSD Comprehensive Plan Summary

NTSD Comprehensive Plan