Northern Pennsylvania Regional College

Northern Tioga School District has partnered with Northern Pennsylvania Regional College (NPRC) to provide dual enrollment opportunities for our students and educational opportunities for those living in our communities. Please take some time to review the information on NPRC and reach out with any questions.

2023-24 Academic Course Schedules

2023-24_Academic Calendar

Dual Enrollment Course List by Term 2023-24

Dual Enrollment FAQ 2023-24

Registration opens Monday, May 1 for Summer and Fall. Please reach out to Dannielle Fickenworth should you have any questions regarding applying and registering for courses.

The roles of the following NPRC team members as they apply to Dual Enrollment are:

  • Leigh Anne Kraemer-Naser, Director of Applied Studies: Dual Enrollment Agreement specifics.
  • Carla Cummings, Assistant Director of Student Engagement: Carla or a designated member of the Student Engagement team will work with students from their application stage though acceptance, course enrollment, and advising.
  • Dannielle Fickenworth, Director of Student Services: Danielle or a designated member of the Community Engagement team can speak to your student body, or host information sessions for parents who may have questions about the Dual Enrollment processes. They can also work with school counselors who may have questions or concerns about the overall structure of our Dual Enrollment offerings.
  • Regina Russell, Assistant Director of Instructional Support: Regina’s role is to ensure that your instructional location is equipped and is prepared to host your dually enrolled students during morning, afternoon, and/or evening classes.