Sports Medicine

Mission Statement

The mission of the Sports Medicine Department is to enhance
the quality of health care for all Upper School student athletes within the
Northern Tioga School District through prevention, assessment, first-aid,
recognition of injuries, and treatment of those athletic injuries.
The priority of the Northern Tioga district Athletic Trainer is to provide on-site care
for as many sports as possible within the district.  Because of
limitations, there may or may not be an Athletic Trainer available for all
sports contests. Due to the high risk of severe injury, Junior Varsity
and Varsity games will have coverage for all home games.  Travel will occur for varsity football only.  If any athlete is injured during athletic participation, he/she needs to be evaluated by the athletic trainer.


Kim Kosa
Susquehanna Heath Clinical Out-Reach
Head Athletic Trainer
Northern Tioga School District
Phone: 716-397-1620

Concussion Reminder:

If an athlete is diagnosed with a concussion, three things are required before he or she returns to play:

• All symptoms have cleared up. In addition, the athlete is not relying on medication to treat lingering symptoms. These include symptoms such as headache which might be masked by medication. The athlete must be free of symptoms even after stopping medication.

• The athlete must be approved for play by a licensed physician trained in diagnosing and managing concussion.

• A step-by-step plan return to play will be completed with the athletic trainer. The plan will exclude any activities that worsen symptoms or put the athlete at risk of another concussion.

– The return progression steps are detailed here



Concussion Fact sheet

Amended PA Sentate Bill