Summer Feeding Waiver

On October 11, 2018, USDA released Memo SFSP 01-2019, that rescinded a number of national waivers related to the Summer Food Service Program.  The Northern Tioga School District believes the rescission of SFSP 11-2011 and SFSP 10-2017, SP 06-2017 which waived the requirement for school sponsors to utilize Summer Feeding Food Service Program ‘Offer vs Serve’ will create undue burden and increase food waste and costs.

This is required public notice that the Northern Tioga School district submitted a request to USDA that would allow the continued use of Summer Food Service Program ‘Offer vs Serve’.

For further information, contact Joann Banik, Food Service Director; Northern Tioga School District at 814-258-5644, x1024 or email:

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