Recent Activities

Second Grade at R.B. Walter has been busy this school year! In reading, the students have been learning about important rela-tionships with friends, family, and pets through several stories and writing activities. In math, we are continuing to learn about place value in numbers up to 999 by comparing, rounding, and finding number patterns. In science, we are learning about the scientific method and using it to conduct some awesome experiments!

We celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day by learning about the life of Johnny Appleseed and making homemade applesauce. The students helped to peel and core the apples, cooked it all day, and then enjoyed the warm and delicious fall treat!

Our school is trying a new fundraiser called the Warrior Walk. The students asked friends and family to sponsor them for two hours of outdoor activities. These donations will cover the cost of our exciting field trips throughout the year! Friday, September 29th, the entire school enjoyed two hours of dance parties, walking, and playing with friends. Thank you to everyone that helped make the Warrior Walk a success!

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