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Looking ahead, we are entering two writing contests. One for the VFW and another for Scholastic. The two contests consist of one poem on any topic of the student’s choice and one 5 paragraph es-say on the topic of, “America’s Gift to My Generation.” The love of reading and writing are growing as we go through our school days. Students are reading articles of their choice and interest and writing amazing summaries and debates. The passion and interests of the students is impressive.

In Science and Social Studies class, students have been studying different types of maps and how to use them. They have explored the many aspects of the Solar System and even designed their own! Students are currently designing a variety of different types of maps to display their knowledge of the key elements that every map pos-sesses. Students will soon shift from types of maps to exploring Central and South America.

In about one week, student work from the art room will be sent out from the annual Cars of the Future project. Our Fourth Grade clas- ses are designing “concept” vehicles of the future that will then be sent to a major auto manufacturer. This year, Jeep will be receiving a package from R. B. Walter. We will keep you posted on any re- sponse from the company. In years past the students have been treated to some great gifts from these companies with BMW driving one of their amazing super-cars to our school all the way from their NJ headquarters… the i8 model. Stay warm!

The primary grades have been working on learning and mastering locomotor skills in physical education class. Those skills include running, hopping, jumping, skipping, and galloping. They have participated in several simple games to reinforce those skills, in-cluding “Marching Ponies” and “Leap the Brook”. Grades 3 thru 5 just started a unit on fitness. Since then, students have been going out to the track to participate in running activities. Activities in-cluded the 50 meter, 100 meter, 400 meter dashes, and the mile run. They did a fantastic job and I am very proud of all of them. They also participated in the standing broad jump and the shuttle run.

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