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    Parent Resources

    This section of the website will serve as an informational tool for parents with students enrolled in our elementary schools.  Below are attachments for district and school level policies on Title I and Parental Involvement.  Also, there are attachments for the Home/School Involvement Compacts.  The forms will be handed out at each school in the beginning of each school year. 

    Title I is a 100% Federally funded supplemental education program that provides financial assistance to local educational agencies to improve educational opportunities for educationally deprived children.  Title I programs are designed to help children meet the state content and performance standards in reading, language arts, and mathematics.  In buildings with 40% or more poverty, Local Education Agencies (LEAs/school districts) may use the funds to upgrade the entire curriculum of the school and are Schoolwide Programs.  LEAs and schools are subject to consequences of school choice and supplemental education services if they do not meet adequate yearly progress as determined by the State Education Agency (SEA/Pennsylvania Department of Education, Federal Programs).  All of the elementary schools within Northern Tioga School District (grades Pre-K-6) are Schoolwide Title I schools therefore all elementary school students are considered Title I.

    If you have any questions or concerns about Title I and Northern Tioga School District please contact Shana Kulp ( or 814-258-5644 ext. 1012) or Amy Coots ( or 814-258-5644 ext. 1012).

    Title I/Parent Resource Links:

    • Pennsylvania Department of Education; Title I:

    • State Parent Advisory Committee (SPAC) Website:

    • PA Engaging School Communities Website:

    2016-2017 Title I/Parent Meetings:

    Clark Wood - March 24, 10:00 AM, G-147

    R.B. Walter - March 23, 4:30-5:00, Mrs. Erickson's Classroom 

    Westfield - March 23, 5:00-5:30, A120

    NTSD and Bringing Up and Ready Rosie!

    NTSD invites all parents of students ages 0-3rd Grade to sign up for a free subscription to Ready Rosie (ages 0-3) and Bringing UP (Pre-K – 3rd Grade).  Please see the flyers and letters below for more information on how to sign up.  Ready Rosie and Bringing Up sends you messages, tips and videos weekly, modeling games and conversations that will help your child be successful in school.  



    NCLB Complaint Resolution - February2012.pdf59.57 KB
    NTSD Fed Prog Complaint Resolution Procedures.pdf160.12 KB
    NTSD Policy 908.1 Title I - District Parent Involvement.pdf88.73 KB
    ESSA Parent Notification Letter, August 2016.pdf52.84 KB
    Clark Wood Parent Involvement Policy.pdf17.93 KB
    Clark Wood Home-School Involvement Compact Pre-K and K.pdf13.54 KB
    Clark Wood Home-School Involvement Compact.pdf14.43 KB
    RB Walter Parent Involvement Policy.pdf18.05 KB
    RB Walter Home-School Involvement Compact Pre-K and K.pdf13.72 KB
    RB Walter Home-School Involvement Compact.pdf14.63 KB
    Westfield Area Parent Involvement Policy.pdf17.85 KB
    Westfield Home-School Involvement Compact Pre-K and K13.61 KB
    Westfield Home-School Involvement Compact.pdf14.51 KB
    Bringing Up Flyer642.44 KB
    Brining Up Parent Letter1.51 MB
    Ready Rosie Flyer196.01 KB
    Ready Rosie Parent Letter663.94 KB