School Performace Profile

School Performance Profile

The Pennsylvania Department of Education released the all new Pennsylvania School Performance Profile. The public site ( provides an academic performance score for public schools across the state.

The profile was created to meet No Child Left Behind reporting requirements and to:

  • Inform the public of school performance
  • Provide a building level score for educators as part of their evaluation system
  • Give schools a tool to analyze strengths and needs

Prior to the School Performance Profile, schools’ academic progress designations under No Child Left Behind were based upon student performance on one test. Now schools will receive an academic performance score based on several data points.

These include:

  • Performance on PSSA and Keystone Exams
  • Progress towards closing achievement gaps
  • Student academic growth over time
  • Graduation, promotion, and attendance rates
  • The availability of Advanced Placement courses

The School Performance Profile scoring system is based on a 100-point system in which each individual school receives a rating. Schools may also earn extra points beyond the 100 points for students who have earned advanced scores on state, industry and Advanced Placement exams. Many data elements contribute to the academic score and are categorized into five areas:

  •  Indicators of Academic Achievement (40%)
  •  Indicators of Closing the Achievement Gap (5%)
  • Indicators of Academic Growth/ PVAAS (40%)
  • Other Academic Indicators (10%)
  •  Extra credit for Advanced Achievement – Up to seven points

Test scores, progress in closing the achievement gap and degree of student growth throughout the school year are factored into the scoring. Other identifiers of high achieving schools are also considered in the calculation including: graduation, promotion, attendance rates and offering of rigorous courses. Please be aware that, for the 2012-13 school year, the calculation does not include the Indicators of Closing the Achievement Gap; this factor will be included beginning with the 2013-14 School Performance Profile.

PDE will release the School Performance Profile scores in early October annually.  Scores, more information and detailed calculations can be found on the public site

Northern Tioga School District’s School Performance Profile scores for Clark Wood Elementary School, R.B. Walter Elementary School, Westfield Area Elementary School, Williamson Jr./Sr. High School and Cowanesque Valley Jr./Sr. High School can be accessed through the following steps:

1.  Open

2.  Choose your primary roll and click “Get Started!”

3.  To find the district or school you can enter the name in the search bar titled “Enter a School Name:” or click on Tioga County on the interactive map.  The next screen will show a map of Tioga County.  Click on “Northern Tioga School District”.  From here you can click on a particular school you would like to view.

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